Study pre-registration procedure

Many recent findings (eg. Open Science Collaboration, 2015) show that psychology struggles with problem of methodological credibility. Among main reasons of the problem is fact that researchers succumb publication biases which (at least partially) stem from publishers policies and academic rating systems. One of methods of preventing some of the biases is research pre-registering.

All empirical research can be pre-registered. Pre-Registered research are guaranteed to be published irrespective of results as long as they would be performed according to declared method. The procedure of pre-registering is as follows.

  1. Authors sends to Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. Studia Psychologica theoretical introduction, hypotheses and description of research methodology as well as statistical analyses to be used. The part must be sent before the research is performed.
  2. The part is sent to first double-blind review which goal is to evaluate the validity of the problem and compliance with the profile of the journal as well as validity of the research method and statistical analysis tools. If the review is positive the article is accepted for publication regardless of the results as long as the is consistent with the description.
  3. Whole article is sent to the journal. the article includes description of the actually applied methods, data analysis and discussion.
  4. The article is sent to second double-blind review, which only goal is to determine if (a) the methods used are in accordance with the ones declared in the first part, (b) the data analysis is correct and consistent with the one declared in the first part, and (c) the conclusions are valid.
  5. If the article meets the criteria above it is accepted to print. The information saying that the research described had been pre-registered is added to the article.

Articles should be sent